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What isthe Star Movement

Holly Caputo has had an enduring career in the entertainment industry, spanning over three decades and solely focusing in the Model and Talent arena. Her career has been comprised of an array of Model and Talent experience, including her entertainment background, and also her success as a Model and Talent Agent for over 10 years. Additionally, Holly is the former business owner of a successful Talent Agency, Emerge Talent Agency. Several years ago, Holly made the decision to sell Emerge and elevate her passion to the next level, by following her heart and her lifelong dream… to create The Star Movement (TSM).

TSM is a Worldwide Model and Talent Development Company, concentrating on providing Models & Talent the quickest, most direct path toward becoming a "working professional." TSM focuses on elevating all levels of Models & Talent, from beginners to professionals, by utilizing a coaching process that has been specifically crafted to be intense, quick and efficient. During this transformation, TSM will work directly with clients to improve current techniques while learning new industry expectations. TSM will also provide insight about how the entertainment industry operates as well as ensure proper marketing materials and branding for TSM Models & Talent. The training provided prepares Talent for the ultimate experience, The Star Movement Showcase, where TSM Actors, Models, Singers and Dancers have their chance to shine, with exclusive exposure to "The Right People", aka the most prestigious industry professionals in the business.

As an agent, Holly met everyone's twin, triplet, and quadruplet. Countless Models and Talent have a desire to be in the entertainment industry, but they are missing the proper guidance, or need to adjust the way they present themselves in auditions. As the entertainment profession is the most competitive industry in the world, TSM has been specifically designed to help Actors, Models, Singers and Dancers develop their talents by identifying areas in need of improvement. Then TSM provides the 'break' needed to launch their career to the next level by placing our clients in front of the right Industry Professionals during The Star Movement Showcase, so they are positioned to be in "The Right Place at The Right Time."

There are certainly no guarantees in this business, but with that being said, The Star Movement Showcase & Holly Caputo have had 100% success with their clients; signing with various Industry Professionals inclusive of Agents, Managers, Record Labels, Cruise Lines, Theme Parks and Production Companies. Although this success is truly humbling, Holly believes the real success is not measured by the numerous contracts signed across multiple industry professions, but instead, it is measured by the personal growth that each person has experienced throughout their TSMjourney and beyond. To build on this sentiment, Holly personally adds, "I am so very proud of TSM and what it has come to be, because what has truly been created is a family; a #TSMFamily."

The Star Movement (TSM) is looking forward to meeting their next generation of Actors, Singers, Models and Dancers, and being part of their journey and their success.


TSM Requirements

TSM will work with all ages, kids through adults, mature enough to handle the business. The Entertainment Business is a “business” so it’s important that one can handle it as a business, and be able to take direction. TSM works on a one on one individual basis, to ensure that each client is on the quickest, most direct path to becoming a working professional. We are looking to “Create Stars”, so every story is a success story! So “Align Yourself” !

Auditions may be done at a “Live” Casting Call done in a specific city, or done with an individual appointment via Skype. The Star Movement works with Models and Talent from all over the world, so it doesn’t matter where you are located.

Creating Stars

Modeling Coaches Acting Coaches

TSM is working with the "Best of the Best" Coaches, Teachers, Choreographers and Photographers.

Vocal coaches dance choreographers

Our TSM team is helping us to develop, train & package the best Singers, Dancers, Actors & Models, and to help "Create Stars" So "Align Yourself"!

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Be Discovered

Whether you are a beginner or professional, child or adult, TSM wants the opportunity to meet you! The Star Movement, is now known by Entertainment Industry Professionals for producing “The Best of The Best,” and would love the opportunity to meet and work with you! The Star Movement will be auditioning, and scouting multiple cities, looking to give opportunity to all ages, of Actors, Singers, Dancers and Models. Audition to be a part of our Showcase, for your opportunity to meet the most prestigious Agents, Managers, Record Labels, Cruise Lines, Theme Parks and Production Companies. Have your chance to shine, with exclusive exposure to “The Right People”, and let your success be our success!