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Anner J. Echols

I have 25+ years in the Arts/ Entertainment and Fashion industry. I am also the modeling/scouting and talent coach for the Star Movement... I am passionate and inspired by the amazing and outstanding results and responses we are giving a those who are dreaming of stardom but have hit a brick wall trying to get exposure and live out their dreams; but on the flip side when they contact us and have talent we have coached and train them skillfully and professionally and got them ready to showcase their talent in front of Top Industry professionals from all over the world at our Star Movement Industry Showcases held each year in Orlando, Florida. Thanks to Holly Caputo for allowing me this once of a lifetime opportunity to make a difference in others dreams and aspirations. If you can dream it "We Can Help You Achieve it" @Anner J. Echols

Paula Marie

Holly has taken me on such an amazing journey with the star movement. I have learned so much and she was never too busy if I had any questions. I felt as if I was a top priority the entire time. I could not thank her enough. She helped me build my talent and pushed me to be my best. This was a truly amazing experience! @Paula Marie

Karen Bryan Grimm

The Star Movement is an amazing organization that has guided my daughter and me through the ins and outs of the industry. The Star Movement finds and develops budding talent in a very professional and personal way. Holly Caputo has given my daughter a wealth of valuable information, as well as, excellent instruction and guidance that will be crucial for her success in the industry. Not only that, but my daughter has a new found confidence in her abilities. Thank you Holly for the personal instruction, direction, and dedication you have given my daughter. You are invaluable to each and every one of your clients! @Karen Bryan Grimm

Samantha Fisher Tumminello

My daughter adores Holly who has not only supported her professionally but also personally....Holly is always willing to change her schedule to help prepare for auditions....always professional... @Samantha Fisher Tumminello

Nfrwi Hall

Hone your craft, while unearthing hidden talents from within. With access to professional tutelage, a showcase to display your gifts before international agencies, and immediate call backs, the opportunity for industrial advancement is limitless. Become the artist you dreamt you always could be with The Star Movement. I am. @Nfrwi Hall

Ty Pike

I have been a model agent for the past 2.5 years and I recently came to the latest showcase with the Star Movement and it was a great experience. Holly was the most professional and really took care of us. As for the talent, they were amazing, eager and beyond talented! @Ty Pike

Annette Connolly

Holly Caputo and The Star Movement team are professional, knowledgeable, and will give you the proper training to take your aspiring talent to the next level. We appreciate them always being available to guide us in the direction toward a successful career for our daughter. @Annette Connolly

John Flynn

I must admit, when my daughter came home and told me that she had been approached by someone about modeling I was skeptical. Holly has helped our daughter grow as a talent. She has never been too busy to stop and answer any questions we have had. She has been dedicated to both helping our daughter grow, and making sure she is placed with an agency that has her future in mind. We could not have asked for a better experience. Thank you! @John Flynn

Karen Flynn

Holly is an amazing talent herself. She has done amazing things for my daughter and continues to work hard for her @Karen Flynn

Dean Armitage

Holly is amazing! She knows what is required to get to the next level for my daughter. Thank-you Holly!!! @Dean Armitage

Iris Lynne Sherman

I have had the opportunity to be involved with The Star Movement since it is first showcase. Holly Caputo does everything for the upcoming Talent that she possibly can to help them become a success in their field. She becomes fully invested in their training. She makes sure that the Talent receives coaching from top-notch professionals. The Star Movement provides a wonderful platform for both new and seasoned talent. @Iris Lynne Sherman

Olivia Laing

Working with the Star Movement/Holly Caputo has helped me tremendously, with not only knowing how the industry works but also how to handle myself and gain confidence. Highly recommend! @Olivia Laing

Jennifer McGill Bohannon

I have been a professional singer, dancer, and actress for over 25 years and I love what The Star Movement does as well as the excellence it stands for! Holly believes in and cares about every one of her clients. Most of our conversations center around presenting her clients in the most marketable ways possible, as well as caring for the emotional endurance of a client during the training process. I have seen her clients social media feeds celebrating their record deals, photo shoots, and music videos! Her full time focus is finding individuals who not only have legitimate talent, but also have the drive to become excellent in all that show business will most likely require of them. Holly has the professional perfectionism to take her clients to the next level, as well as the professional curtesy to shoot anyone straight at an audition, during training, and in connection with her showcase. If Holly wants to work with you, that means you are indeed talented, but it also means there is more you need to learn. If Holly is representing you, you are in excellent hands! @Jennifer McGill Bohannon

Timothy Wayne Moseley

Holly Caputo is a wonderful person who somehow is able to put her all into every client that she takes on. The Star Movement has been a very rewarding experience. The Star Movement gives you the tools and helps refine certain skills needed to excel in the business. I value every bit of effort Holly especially has put forth for me to help get me where I want to be. @Timothy Wayne Moseley