The Star Movement

Audition Requirements

The Audition Process

Whether you are a beginner or professional, child or adult, let us take you to the next level! To be a part of the TSM Showcase you must first audition. The following are our audition requirements:


We would like to see 2 contrasting Monologues and Commercials, preferably Monologues. Monologues should be under a minute long, and perfectly something Comedic & something Dramatic. Commercials need to be long enough that we can get a sense of the Character. Please keep material age appropriate.


Please come prepared to sing Acapella 32 Bars/Measures of your favourite 2 songs. We would prefer to hear a Ballad and an Uptempo. Please use songs that are age appropriate.


Please come prepared to Dance your own 45 Second Choreographed Piece. Please bring your Music on CD cued exactly to where it needs to start.


We are looking for Males and Females. Females: Please come dressed in Skinny Jeans, Heels, a Plain Tank Top and no Makeup.

Males: Please come in Fitted Jeans and a Plain Tank Top.

We will be taking Digital Pictures and asking you to Walk for us.