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Looking for the best undiscovered Actors, Singers, Dancers and the most amazing Models.

We are going to find them, develop them, and make them … STARS!

Trainings are done, one on one, and each individual, must be a complete packaged brand, prior to working with an agency

The Star Movement

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The Star Movement

What Makes The Star Movement Different?

TSM is led by former Agent, Industry Professional – Holly Caputo.  Through Holly’s expertise of booking jobs, previous attendance of showcases, and professional performance experience –  she brings both perspectives to the ‘movement.’

Our approach is simple – Know the business ( contracts, releases, agency protocol, unions) – Be Technically sound in your craft, Have the proper marketing materials, Meet the “right people” at the “right time.”

Join the Star Movement! Contact us today to perfect your craft, gain the right marketing materials, and be working with “the right” people in the business!

The Star Movement

Why is TSM successful?

The Star Movement program is successful, because each program is individually tailored for  its Actors, Models, Singers and Dancers.

Trainings are done, one on one, and each individual, must be a complete packaged brand, to work with, and be introduced to those “right” Agents and Managers in the business!

 Watch for our new master-classes & specials on marketing materials.

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The Star Movement

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