The Star Movement


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 B Resort & Spa

 1905 Hotel Plaza Blvd, Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830


Be a part of The Star Movement Showcase & be a part of the 100% success with their clients; signing with various Industry Professionals inclusive of Agents, Managers, Record Labels, Cruise Lines, Theme Parks and Production Companies.

TSM Showcase Models & Talent

Discovering Stars

Meet TSM’s “Best of the Best” ! TSM works with kids through adults, and beginners through professionals from all over the world! The goal is to ensure that each individual is on their personal proper path, so that each individual – Model & Talent – can be a successful working professional.

All Actors, Singers, Dancers and Models are auditioned, trained and polished with our Top Industry Coaches & Teachers, and later faced before our Top Industry Agents, Managers, Record Labels, Cruise Lines, Theme Parks & Productions Companies at our TSM Showcase.

TSM is creating Stars, so watch for their success stories!

The Star Movement

TSM's Future Stars


Meet the next Stars of the Stage, The Big Screen, or your home TV Set. TSM works on technique, polishing and giving their Actors the proper materials to have a profession in Acting on the Stage, Film, Television or Commercially. TSM’s Actors get practical experience & exposure with Top Industry Professionals, so everyone can be a success story!


TSM is scouting to find the best Fashion, Lifestyle, Fitness and Plus Size Models, and turn them into Professionals. All TSM Models are taught about contracts and markets. Models Fashion sense and Style are developed, they are taught to move and pose, as well as prepared for go-sees, bookings, and travel to International Markets. Models will be tested and portfolio’s will be developed, walks will be polished, and then Models will be put in front of Top Industry V.I.P’s.


TSM develops Singers into Vocal Artists. TSM will work on proper technique, range, tone, style, and help to create a vocal cohesiveness. Singers will learn how to dynamically, and stylistically create a proper song as a songwriter, and performance will be pushed to it’s maximum vulnerability.


TSM will only work with Dancers who can handle working with a Choreographer because only then are they able to handle castings, auditions and professional work. TSM stretches its dancers to create artists through technique, improvisation, choreography and performance quality by learning to use movement, gesture, vulnerability and body language to portray a character, story, situation or abstract concept to it’s audience.